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Thank you for visiting Yank Archives. Here are a few notes concerning this site:
  • We try to provide searchable-text versions of the articles we archive in order to facilitate research and education using this material. The text is generated by optical character recognition of photos of the articles. We make every effort to correct any OCR errors and take responsibility for any that creep through. Yank was competently edited back in the 1940's, so there are few apparent typos in the original text, but when we detect something that appears to be amiss, we correct it and place the correction in square brackets. If we are uncertain, we will put [sic] after the questionable text.
  • We also try to provide photos of the articles so that people who have never seen Yank can get an idea of what it looked like. Note that we are working from original magazines that are well over half a century old and printed on fragile newsprint. We try to flatten the pages and position them for good quality distortion-free photos. But please understand that due to the fragility of the media, and the fact that the pages are bound, the photos will sometimes be a little distorted.
  • Also, some pages are yellowed, torn, or stained. If they look like they went through a warzone, it is because they did. Most of our copies saw action in the European theater of operations.
  • Several editions of Yank were produced. Most of ours are the British edition.
  • In very rare instances, there are sentences or paragraphs blackened out in our original copies. We assume this is wartime censoring. We will note this as [section redacted in original].

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