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From volume 1, issue #42, dated Apr 4th, 1943

Original caption: When a plane crashed in Alaska recently, the Coast Guard went out to find it. For scouting aircraft, the laid down messages in the snow. Six C.G.'s can be seen, lower center.
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Yank Archive curator's comments:

This aviation tragedy was big news in 1943. A small plane went down in a remote area of Alaska and several people on board survived in the wilderness for a month before being rescued. A brief account can be found here, and a very detailed and gripping version of the story can be found on the TIGHAR website, in pdf format, here. The rescuers apparently did not have a radio, so they spelled out messages in the snow, like "Send Blimp" (helicopters were only just coming into production in 1943). A companion photo can be found here.

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